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Lasertek NV, the most complete cutting centre and pioneer in laser cutting and waterjet cutting, has been specialising since 1989 in industrial cutting of nearly all kinds of materials in flat sheet, tubular or profile form.
While laser cutting and waterjet cutting do overlap somewhat, the two techniques complement one another, as laser cutting has its limitations in terms of thickness and material type.
Here, waterjet cutting forms the perfect alternative for such limitations. The waterjet technique is excellent for cutting materials that are heat-sensitive, too thick or do not absorb laser beams well.

After these materials have undergone their primary cutting, we can also perform further finishing processes such as CNC folding, welding (MIG and TIG), drilling, threadcutting, inserts, studs, surface treatment, assembly, and more.

One single contact partner deals with projects and total solutions within our company.

Since 2005, Lasertek NV has been distributing the whole range of laser diodes and detectors in Benelux for Global Laser – UK.